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Zaolla’s mission has always been to design and manufacture the finest cables in the world—regardless of cost. This means using superior materials and cutting-edge manufacturing technology to ensure optimum performance. At the heart of every Zaolla cable you will find a pure, solid-silver conductor. Compared to copper, silver offers less resistance and, hence, improves signal conductivity—translating to audio signals that exhibit deeper bass and pristine highs. Beyond the solid-silver conductors, Zaolla Silverline cables are carefully constructed and optimized for specific applications.

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Zaolla Silverline Microphone Cables fully embrace the conductive properties of solid silver to provide the most transparent signal transfer possible. Redundant shielding and true microphone-cable geometry protect it from outside interference while maintaining flexibility on stage or in studio. Rhodium-plated Oyaide XLR connectors feature a unique, one-touch locking mechanism that ensures optimal connection every time

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